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In my previous post I said that I recalled  “a manic 2 days of embroidery – why? because I am obviously completely insane” and I promised to explain more in my next post so:

Why did I insanely spend 2 of my days trying my hand at embroidery something I have only ever tried once before?

I thought it would make a nice card to give to my Nan for Mothering Sunday. Now I could have chosen numerous other ways to make a card but I had a creative idea and I just had to go with it :)

The reasons this was an insane choice were

  1. I have only a basic grasp of sewing
  2. I had left it to the last possible moment to start something like this
  3. I also had a card to make for mum
  4. It was my own design and I was embroidering it onto card not material (been here done this, not easy)

Even with these obstacles I still decided to go for it. (Like I said insane :D)
I made a few mistakes but I don’t think it came out too bad

Daffodil Heart Mothering Sunday Card

The design

daffodil heart

If you would like to use the design you are welcome to just click on the image to be taken to flickr where you can download it in several sizes.

This card took me a lot longer than I wanted  it to as it was the first time I have ever used a digital stamp. After today better quality printing paper is now on my list of things to buy I ended up using photo paper which made things a bit more complicated as using pens made for using on peel off stickers did not work so I resorted to using felt tips and clear embossing over. I think I went through about 7 butterflies in the end. 

The Rose Butterfly by Crissy Digi’s was bought from Wimsy stamps 

Purple Butterfly Card

 What I Used

I changed the butterfly image slightly by deleting the added dot detailing in ms paint before printing. I coloured the image in adding clear embossing powder as I went and then used a heat gun to melt the powder and seal the colour. I then added silver embossing powder around the edges of 2 wings and the patches using a paintbrush to remove any stray powder before heating. I used a craft knife and scissors to cut round the image removing the antenna which I drew in later with a pen. You can’t see in this image but I also cut between the 2 wings on both sides and when I attached the image to the purple card I used double sided sticky tabs to attach the top wings and body and tape to attach the bottom wings to give some dimension.

The silver tissue paper was crumpled and straightened before I added it to the card using a glue stick. The vellum was backed onto the same purple card used in the forefront using double-sided sticky tape. Then the elements were just layered and attached using tape and glue.


I have entered this card into the following challenges

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