I was so happy and surprised to find out that Balqis had passed on the following award to me :)

and now I will happily pass it onto a few others as is the rules :)

So I award:

  • Balqis  from Part and Parcel of life … – I’m probably breaking the rules here but I can’t not pass the award back to the person who awarded it to me not because of that but because this award is so fitting.  Balqis you are a much appreciated reader. I always look forward to your comments on my blog, they often make me see things differently and they keep me blogging so Thank You Balqis
  • Kim Gillick from Mindful Moose – This award is for answering all my questions on your blog, I have learnt quite a bit so thank you,  and for your comments here.
  • Moonomo from Moonstruck on Earth – Your comments always make me smile and you can’t ask for more than that
  • Kitty from Kittys Pitara -  I love getting comments from you and I wish we really could go walking together
  • Odliam from Tony’s Blog – I’m happy every time I get a comment from you

It was really supposed to be 6 bloggers that I passed the award onto but I’m not active enough in the blogosphere yet to find 6 unless I wanted to get very random but then the awards wouldn’t mean anything and that I think defeats the point.  So what I will do is award it to anyone who may have been following my blog but not commenting any silent readers there may be out there because I appreciate you reading my ramblings :D

Now I need your help. As I have said I’m not as active in the blogosphere as I should be and I’m trying my hardest to change this but I am struggling to find blogs I want to follow, when searching they all blur into one and I just end up with a fuzzily head.  So I am asking you to help if you can by leaving a comment with recommendation’s for blogs you like reading. Oh and feel free to recommend yourself :D

So I’m back posting again :) If you don’t mind a long read and are at all interested in chronic fatigue or exactly why I’ve been absent this long then please read my previous post. If not then basically I’ve been feeling yuck and now i’m starting to feel better again. Except for logging into Neopets a few times and managing to get myself addicted to Farmville on Facebook  I have mainly been ignoring the whole internet and therfore the whole blogosphere these past months. So in the next few weeks I’m planning to blog regularly again, catchup with my emails and start reading blogs again which I have really missed.

In the last week I have been slowly tweaking the design of my blog I couldn’t resist hadn’t the energy to get to grips with a whole new layout but I was getting bored with the same colour scheme. What do you think? If you notice any images not loading or links not working etc please let me know and if you leave a comment  a direct link to your latest blog post should automatically be added via a new plugin I installed prior to my disappearing act called commentluv. Would love to know if it works ok for you.

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