For a while now we have been considering getting another dog so Simba would have some company as we noticed he missed having another dog around since we lost Freda. We also often look after both my sisters dogs when they go on holiday and he would always pine when they went home. Our initial thoughts were that we would like to take on a rescue dog preferably a boy, not a puppy as we did not think we could go through training again and definitely not another Jack Russel like Freda as from pass experience they bark at the slightest sound and we also did not want a dog who was too energetic for Simba and I.

However it seems this was not meant to be as we somehow found ourselves with Poppy :D

Poppy at 3 months
Poppy at 3 months old

Poppy at 5 months
Poppy now at 5 months old

Poppy is basically everything previously described she is a Jack Russel cross Pug puppy. To say she is the most active pup/dog we have ever known would be an understatement and she has required quite a lot of training and still does. I blame my sister for this happy occurrence as she took Poppy in for a week to give her previous owner a break as Poppy was just too boisterous for her to cope with alongside her 5 children. It took us only 1 visit and 1 walk with her to completely fall in love and offer her a home when her previous owner decided she would have to sell her on. She is exhausting, destructive (our sofa is ruined) and noisy¬† (she definitely has the jack trait of barking at everything) but we now wouldn’t be without her. Plus I don’t think Simba would have ever forgiven us if we had let her go to someone else as he became instantly smitten.