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I recently discovered a unique and cute site called the quilting bee and was happily accepted as a member on 22 August. The quilting bee is originally a pixel trading club but you don’t in fact have to be any good at pixeling to join. All you need is your own website that you update regularly and a desire to make new friends. So whats the idea of this club basically members design their own patch and then trade with other members as you collect patches you add them to your own quilt and in the process of trading meet new people. That’s not the end of it though as q bee also offers a members only forum, regular activities to participate in and rewards. If you want to learn more go check out the site  and if you decide to join then please consider trading with me, my quilt can be found here.

the q*bee

I love to draw and paint but I rarely bother to make the time unless its for a project i’m working on such as a greetings card. I find it hard to just pick up a pencil/paintbrush and just draw or paint. Without a set aim I can’t seem to find inspiration for a subject matter so usually end up just doodling

So yesterday whilst browsing through flickr groups  I was very happy to find Illustration Friday 

“Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday on the Illustration Friday site. Then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation. Anyone is free to join, regardless of skill or experience – just draw!!”

I really love this idea and hopefully it will give me the inspiration I need to pick up a pencil more often. 

So here’s my entry for this weeks theme which was CAGED.

illustration friday - caged

 I usually try to avoid drawing people as its not something I’ve ever been that good at so usually I find it a bit of a headache but I actually enjoyed myself with this one but then I have always been fascinated with vampires. I would have loved to have spent longer on this and perhaps used paints instead but a) tonight was the closing for this weeks challenge and b) i’m currently working on a card for my sisters birthday which means I don’t have the time at the moment. I think I may have to come back to this one when I have some more free time :)

Once finished and uploaded the image reminded me a little of  Rihanna’s song Disturbia so I couldn’t resist also making a glog using them together  

Please comment I would especially love any feedback :) and please share links to your own artwork.

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